Ishawna – Everybody Need Someone Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Everybody need some company
Weh you deh? Make sure you come fi me
Pon you way bring two man num fi me
Mi waan fulfilled mi fantasy
Mi have Campari Patrone
When you drink that you hard like a stone
High grade fi you get in a the zone
Meck you back charge up like mi phone

Suh mi seh come now
Come f**k out mi likkle-likkle niceness
And when you come now
Tell mi, tell mi if you like it

Cause everybody need someone
More time you haffi draw fi a next young man

Everybody need someone
Fi hold you tight under a slow song

(Verse 2)
A me alone up a the apartment
And mi pu**y waan dent
Suh mi cyaa content
Fornication a 100%
But f**k mi tonight
Meck tomorrow wi repent
Yeah you c**key full a length suh mi cyaa silent
You f**k mi violent like you nuh have no sense
Pon the balcony mi c**k it up pon a bench
Meck you drop it down in a mi valley and trench

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Pu**y wet, two a we a buss a sweat
Mi a breath hard and mi cyaa catch a breath
Wi a embracing so passionate
Da f**k yah exciting like a school
Mi a climax don’t take it out
Do mi a favor wrapped you hand round mi throat
Use you next hand cover up mi mouth
Mi a bwal and a may like a goat

(Repeat Chorus)