Popcaan Ft Sizzla – Wish Bad Lyrics

All who a wish bad fi mi now
Tell dem fi go weh dem haffi si mi now
Jah bless mi everyday
Badmind people cho, come out a mi way

All who a wish bad fi mi now
Tell dem fi go weh, dem haffi si wi now
Jah bless mi everyday
Badmind people, come out a mi way

(Verse 1)
Dem a wish bad
But dem know mi sick bad
Dem know mi nuh left mi gun dem
And left mi clip bag
Dem nuh waan si me and Sizzla
And the 6 Gaad
Get the money, meck the threader
And wi nuh pick bag

Load up the machine
And then go attack dem inna the scheme
Attack dem like gorilla nuh haffi bring a friging team
Wid dem yah type a supn yah wi whipe dem out clean
Seh dem waan this yah gangster a buss in a you dream

Dem waan wi poor, nuh waan wi rich
Try fi flatter badman and a tell mi bout dem bi**h bad
Tell you seh dem love you
When you check it dem a wish bad
Stay true wi nuh go the switch

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Wi go circle the perimeter wid the glock and the berita
Bwoy a get bullet yah
Nuh watch dem and dem chatty mouth claim dem life
Dem freaking brain mi go splash dem out

Badmind cyaa run no weh
Anyweh mi bloodcl*** go mi gun go deh
Whole heap a people some bwoy meck run weh
Dem cyaa meck mi run weh
Mi naw go no weh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Now wi make a decision
Wi step pon the mission
Day or night wi turn on the night vision
Your blood for my life but a time you deh waste
Swear to you self seh a you run the place

Tell dem a big gun wi rave wid
Judgement yard a nuh no where fi you play wid
Dem cyaa diss the boss again
Bomborass again

(Repeat Chorus)