Chris Brown ft. T-Pain – Bring It Back Lyrics

(Chorus – T-Pain)
If somebody see me doing bad, then I’m doing something wrong
I ain’t tripping, I got money in the bank
Shawty wanna come back to my pad so she hopped up in the chrome
Yeah, shawty coming with me, what it do?
Throw that money in the air, let it pause, pause
And homie, you ain’t even gotta ask, you know I ball
Every time I hit the mall, I want it all
Somebody gon give me a whole 200 and tell the DJ bring it back

(Verse 1 – Chris Brown)
Every time you see me, I be in a Lamborghini
Counting money, fettuccine, I be on one
She wore a itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow polka dot bikini
Baby come and get it if you want some
I throw a 50 and now she sitting with me
And if she show a little more skin, I throw more 50s
And I see she got that bad, off that Henny and that tron
You talking bout that money, boy I bought my money long

(Pre Chorus – Chris Brown)
I said I, I said I
I said I, I said I
Turn it up, turn it up
Turn it up, turn it up

(Verse 2 – Chris Brown)
When I hit the club, all the ladies get excited
Stunting one leg on these hoes like a f**king pirate
I cause a f**king riot, you know that I’m the fliest
And I’m jumping out the plane with no parachute hi vest
And when you see me, greet your highness
Let me introduce you to VA’s finest
Check the chain and the wrist watch
So much ice on it, I can’t hear it tick tock

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)