Popcaan – Ova Dweet Lyrics

Gyal haffi seh wa meck you clean suh?
Gyal haffi seh wa meck you clean suh?
High grade smoke a flow through mi window
Mi a over dweet

Woman haffi love mi style, love mi style
Dem smell mi colon from a mile
Love mi style, love mi style
Mi squeeze you breast dem weh fragile

Mi don’t love man, suh don’t love me
Mi get gyal easy like do-ray-me
Mi want every gyal out a Halfway-Tree
Mi a over dweet

(Verse 1)
Unruly gash
Space ship lift off and dem cyaa si mi
In a the front man a squeeze up dem girlfriend titty
Mi have the key fi the place like Drizzy
High than Sky Vodka wi nuh use P Diddy
Man cyaa over stand how some bwoy move silly
Fi wear name brand dem go turn free willy
Dem bwoy deh nuh militant
Ask milly
Dead dem fi dead hi nuh killy

Man grow as a shooty
Wi don’t bow fi gucchi
From man have likkle bit a clothe
Gyal still haffi ask mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
All when mi blind
Every gyal visible
Cause to me every man is invisible
Body Shawna you body incredible
And you pum-pum fi the killible
Notnice, unruly nuh meck the wrong stand up
Only gyal alone can make the Dad stand up
Anybwoy diss wi every thing stir uo
Quickly dem get dem skin burn up
Mi nuh haffi boast and brag
But a me one take off my tag
One thing every yaard man know
Gangster nuh wear handbag

(Repeat Chorus)