Patexx & TruDiva – Call On Jah Name Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Wake up in a the morning I man chant a psalms
Fresh Jelly water wash off mi heart
More righteousness a weh Jah people want
Is a million strong when da march yah start

Step pon the battlefield would a never get weak
The lion of juda still a guide him sheep
Daniel in the lions den nuh tek defeat
Froggy seized and settle the beat

Cause I and I naw complain
I a call on Jah name
Cause I and I naw complain
Mi a stay in a mi lane
And I and I naw complain
I a call on Jah name

(Verse 2)
The lord is my shepherd I shall not want
Cause he got my back
It nuh matter what the iniquity dem waan do
Ammo do me
I pray every morning before I tough the street
Because mi know the street ain’t really sweet
And I got to do what I got to do

(Repeat Chorus)


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