Famous Dex ft. Lil Yachty & Rich The Kid – Crazy Lyrics

(Chorus – Famous Dex 2X)
I’m popping them pills yeah I’m crazy
I’m wearing designer I’m crazy
All this money I’m crazy
I’m popping pills yeah I’m crazy
I’m crazy
I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m crazy 3X
I’m crazy

(Verse 1 – Famous Dex)
I’m popping them pills yeah I’m crazy
I’m sipping on lean yeah I’m crazy
I f**k on your bi**h yeah I’m crazy
And she just wanna have my baby
Oh no, I swear I can’t trust on no hoe
You cuffing that bi**h yeah you slow
I’m riding with lil boat, you know
Yeah, I f**k on your bi**h while you stare
You stupid, you goofy as hell
I’m riding around, chandelier
Yeah, I f**k it that’s right on my bag
Goyard, that’s right on my tag
I pull up in Porsche, now you mad
Goofy ni**as looking sad
Just scored on the drank
I’m balling hard, no you can’t
I used to fall in the range, but now I fall up in the bank
Yeah, I’m crazy, I’m crazy, I’m crazy
I’m wearing designer I’m crazy
All this money yeah I’m crazy
Yeah, what

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Rich the kid)
All this money, diamonds crazy
Trap game with my baby
My shooters they coming from Haiti
Look at your diamonds, fugazi
Ni**as hate cause the Rollie shining
I’m in the bank like a dollar sign
I was just broke, but I had to grind
My shooters go crazy, don’t cross the line
Stand in the kitchen, go crazy
Mama she want a Mercedes
Walking with money, I made it
They hate it, the hustle too crazy
Pop a perc I go crazy, you fooling around in the ladies
Fifty a show, gotta pay me
Black and white diamonds, they segregated
Goyard got hundreds of racks, you reach for the chain you get whacked
I woke up was dreaming of sacks
I got the white like a tic-tac
My bloods they banging, go brazy
Pouring a four now I’m faded, I’m rich but I don’t gotta say it
Addicted to money, I’m crazy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Lil Yachty)
Woah damn
I chill with my ni**as, my ni**as be blood
All my ni**as they go brazy
These ni**as act like Patrick Swayze
I ball with the rock like Jay Z
Damn, I hit Rodeo go crazy, my lifestyle
My bi**hes pop pills, s**k d**k for the thrill
That’s why I keep them around
30 round right up your town
Du du du, watch out for twelve
Ni**as be snitching, don’t snitch on your
F**king bi**hes at Yale
Custom made diamonds, this s**t ain’t no zales
Houston lil bi**h, and she swear she a witch
She might cast a spell if you don’t pay her bills
I don’t pay full price, I got me a deal
100k I signed, I don’t have no deal, for real, for real
Young ni**a I shock like a eel, I never seen you in the field
Rolex watch with the face colored
I’m crazy I might f**k your lady, I f**ked on Daisy and Hailey
My new chain sick, it got rabies
Nut on her face her lip with the babies

(Repeat Chorus)

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