Trouble ft. Skippa Da Flippa, Quavo & Young Thug – Whatchu Doin Lyrics

(Chorus – Quavo & Trouble)
Whatchu doing ni**a? I been busting juggs in the trap
Whatchu doing? I just count 100 thousand on my lap
Whatchu doing? Up for 24 days, I can’t take a nap
Whatchu doing? You’s a lame, you know you don’t deserve the sack
Loving and cuffing these hoes, whatchu doing?
Trouble Trouble pour an 8 up, a bad influence
They charge…I’m a bad influence
Getting the money, f**king hoes out the
Look at them ni**as, they plotting
What is you doing? What is you doing?
Look at my pockets, they rotten
What is you doing? What is you doing?
All my ni**as keep a stick, all y’all ni**as on the bench
Turn your bi** into a trick, tell her what you think of this?

(Verse 1 – Quavo & Trouble)
Your ho, geek monster
Trap out the Hummer
I called em up Trouble
He shoot out the bunker
Might pick up the phone like What’s happening Quay?
200, might get this s**t done today
You ain’t got you noneg, that’s a runaway
Tell me what you think about getting this money babe
Tell me what you think of this
Quavo flying with a fish
Making your ho wash the dish
R.Kelly, drink the piss
The Henny baby, please no Remy
I be saying prayers for my kidneys
I be saying prayers for my dawgs
F**k the law, all y’all the G wall
I send a pack to my ni**as in prison
I throw a brick, like I’m Russell Wilson
I make em sing like I’m Keri Hilson
F**king your daughter, your mama, be MILFing
I seen the ni**as you run with some bi**hes
I see the money, I get it with bi**hes
Every day I’m getting paper
Every day you hater

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Young Thug & Skippa Da Flippa)
Jewelry colder than an attic
Shoot your addict, bring the Actavis
You got spinners, I got
F**k me good and live lavish
Couple court cases pending
Ain’t stressing cause I’m winning
Blow a fifty, what you spending?
I’m a legend, call me John Flippa Lennon
Chopper pierce em, f**k a piercing
Drinking Act, it f**k my kidneys
Jewelry ice, a ni**a bless em
We not shooting for publicity
Me and slime commit a crime
My young ni**as gon do the time
I Forgi’d and turboed the ride
I stay with a stick with two clips on the side
F**k your jeweler, bae we have it
I got my karats out of rabbits
My main with Jordans, I be
I’m eating good, I’m fish and crabbing it
Transformer pull on the corner
I got on a mink, no pneumonia
Pistols is so dirty like stoners
Dancing the…and that’s right on my corner
I’m hanging with nothing but lawyers
You don’t got no rides, you a buster
I pour up with Trouble, I’m crushing
She s**k on that d**k like a s**ker

(Repeat Chorus)