Lil Lonnie ft. Bryson Tiller – Change Up Lyrics

(Chorus – Bryson Tiller)
It’s a come up, me and my ni**as, we all on the rise
Got a whole lot of work to put it, I been on top of mine
Got a new bi**h I f**k with tough, she got the same drive
Most ni**as change up when the money come out, won’t change now
Don’t compare to me lil ni**a, we ain’t the same kind
And the girl I’m with, she dope as s**t but she ain’t mine
Most of y’all ni**as only doing this s**t for the fame
Most ni**as change up when the money come out, won’t change now

(Verse 1 – Lil Lonnie)
Most ni**as change for the fame
I took the model, go get some money
Used to laugh at me way back
Now that I’m pulling, they gon find out I’m funny
Got a new bi**h and she keep it 100
Last bi**h, swear she couldn’t be honest yeah
I swear this s**t so ironic
Can’t believe a ni**a done it
It was hard coming up
But I had to stay down
Stay motivated when times get tough
I’m too deep in it to quit right now
I was f**ked up, and got a lil money
And that’s when you ni**as started coming round
I’m in the game, making plays
While you ni**as waiting watching out of bounds

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Lil Lonnie)
You see the kid on the rise
I got my eyes on the prize
Most of y’all snatch for the money
But I check and I drink cause I got too much pride
No we are not equal, we are not the same
You know that I’m one of a kind
You can’t see me, put your glasses on
Better read between the lines
Can’t mix the money with fame
Make sure you straighten your family
To have your homies, that gon change
But you know that s**t don’t come naturally
I can’t let it stop me, I gotta keep going
And come up with a good strategy
Continue the greatness, I know I won’t change
I can’t act like I’d rather be

(Repeat Chorus)