Birdman & Jacquees – Lost At Sea Lyrics

(Intro – Jacquees)
I am Jacquess, this is, Lost At Sea
Birdman, Jacquees

(Chorus – Jacquees)
I’m lost at sea just like a fisher, woah
Say we falling off, that’s what they wishing for
Tell the time ni**a, that’s what we pitching for
See these nines, ni**a, that’s what they pitching for
Put my young ni**as all in a movie
Cause me and Stunna going stupid
Got my right hand on the Remy
Left hand on the toolie
I’m a rich kid, going Skooly
BBD, she going stupid
Say my diamonds got these bi**hes choosing
Counting money, going Juvie
Old ni**a, new music
Old hundreds, couple blues
Ni**as acting like they knew us
F**k ni**as never knew us

(Verse 1 – Jacquees)
See, I just hit em with the dice
Say my name, I bet it twice
And me and Stunna have it nice
And me and Stunna shooting dice
See, pu**y ni**as be surprised
When Jacquees hit em with the price
How Jacquees came up over night
Like I ain’t hustle for the price
I swear to God, that we ain’t losing
Me and Stunna going stupid
Diamonds water, living boogie
Bad bi**hes in jacuzzis
This s**t ain’t happen over night
Ain’t finna fight, shout out to Bright
And I got Cash Money up under me
And can’t none of these ni**as stunt on me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Birdman)
Pack it up and ship it off
Stunna been a big boss
Stunna swimming with the sharks
Stunna pull up on a loft
CMB been balling
Cash Money never falling
Whip it up, we gong ship it by cost
Birdman giving all this
Get the bird, ship em off
Young ni**a take the broad with some raw
Raw D, raw D
Stunnaman from way down bottom
Put it in, up in a five-star Jeep

(Repeat Chorus)