Mr. Vegas Defends Popcaan’s Action In Antigua That Lead To Arrest

Popcaan is currently out of jail after being arrested in Antigua for an altercation with a police officer on stage. The deejay also paid a small fine after pleading guilty to misdemeanor battery.

The “Unruly Boss” deejay is getting some support from his peers in dancehall including Mr. Vegas.

Popcaan Released From Jail Pleads Guilty To Charges

“Oftentimes when an artiste is performing a fan may run on the stage,” Mr. Vegas said. “Sometimes we allow them to stay, sometimes we let the securities take them off. The artiste was just being nice to his fans.”

Buju Banton son and fellow dancehall producer Markus Myrie also voiced his support for Popcaan amidst the controversial arrest.

“I respect Popcaan and anyone who stands up for themselves or someone else if they are being mistreated or abused excessively by lawmen or anyone at all for that matter,” Myrie said.

Several dancehall fans have also been voicing their support for the deejay on social media calling the officer’s use of force excessive towards the fan.