Young Scooter ft. Boosie Badazz – Ass Shots Lyrics

(Chorus – Young Scooter)
Shawty knows she’s bad with her ass shots
But baby, don’t you get the wrong ass shots
Scooter signed to who? I ain’t no mascot
If you push a ni**a trapping, get his ass shot
F**k ni**a right up on me, he gon get his ass shot
Shawty ass up, even got the wrong ass shot
Try to roll up with that pack and you gon get your ass shot
The last ni**a cross Scooter got his whole hood shot

(Verse 1 – Young Scooter)
I gave this ni**a 6 bricks, he tried to run off like he slick
The latest pack from Oakland, yeah I call it filthy rich
100 thousand, pushing Cali kush, got that for 86
80 racks, 800 of that ain’t go for 26
Shawty made a mill since she made her last shot
She make a free band every time her ass drop
If the pu**y good, you know I’mma cash out
I f**k a hoe in 10 minutes then I smash out
Ni**a try to snatch my chain, he gon get his ass shot
B*tch your baby daddy broke, you know he work for the cops
I’m a million dollar ni**a but I still be on the block
I’m a black amingo boss, you a f**king mascot

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Boosie Badazz)
I got beaucoup bad bi**hes, they preform ass shots
Ass done, titties done, but they bad, bottom line
F**k this girl, he in his feelings say I’m down in bed huh
No refund, now he mad he pay for her ass shots
Shawty went to the wrong doctor now her whole ass washed
Ain’t no shapes, square straight like a old flattop
Ni**a jumping in the club, Boosie play the backdrop
Strategize the next guy who gon get his ass shot
Ain’t no red eye, no f**k boy, and I sure ain’t no mascot
She bad, I’m gon f**k when you f**k bout no ass shots
Flipping up in your crib boy, you know I wear flash shots
How you gon judge her ass shots when she cashed out, ni**a?

(Repeat Chorus)