Lil Durk – Shoot Sum Lyrics

Blamma man, Blamma man
They shooting s**t like cameramen, cameramen
They hopping out that mini van, that mini van
Before this sh*t, I been the man, been the man
Off flats they kill some, gang
Off that, O they gon kill some, gang
Off that drank they gon kill some, gang
Off them Xans, they gon kill some, gang
Cause they my brothers
Gang, gang

(Verse 1)
Blamma S**t, ni**as be too caught up with this rapping s**t
Acting s**t, bloggers can’t come round me with that camera s**t
Teddy bears, favorite bottle, we shoot up, yo candle lit
News cast, he damn near dead, he trending off of channel 6
No vacay, call THF, he bring that AK
Ray J, Talking one wish we leave him vacay
Block ni**a, got a couple millions, i can’t stop ni**a
Heard he putting his Xannies on his dope, and we can’t shop wit him
Felony, heard you out on six bonds you telling me
Fresh out and you selling guns plus you mailing weed
And you taking pictures with the gang, who you here to see?
And I think his ass a rat , pu**y we ain’t got no teeth

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hit his ass up, close range, he ain’t see me blowing
Barrell on that F’N super small like a BeBe gun
Tricked his ass, shot him in his face then I kicked his ass
No show, skeet off in that Cad then I did the dash
I need plenty cash, you know how I rock on any block Like mili yea
Features less then 10? getcho silly ass
And for Nuski, ni**a
And she just s**ked me off for a 30 and some remy
I f**k the wrong tender, after i nut , I don’t really want her with me
And my watch like 30 plus, i got the papers wit it
Heard they tote them 30s, free zoo my nina wit me motherf**ker
Gang gang

(Repeat Chorus)