ILoveMakonnen – Loaded Up ft. Lil Yachty & Skippa Da Flippa Lyrics

(Intro – Lil Yachty & ILoveMakonnen)
Been in here talking to this ni**a for the longest
Yeah sorry man, Hey where you at? Loaded up
Skrrt, skrrt, Goddamn, ni**as hit me on these apps and s**t right now

(Chorus – ILoveMakonnen & Skippa Da Flippa)
Cash loaded up, cash, my blow be loaded up, blow
My stash loaded, stash, boy, my dope is loaded up, dope
Hey, loaded up, woah, loaded up, woah
Loaded up, continue, loaded up, go
Loaded up, turn up, loaded up, purp it up
Ayy, hold up, hold up
Lil Boat he loaded up, Yachty, Lil Boat
Flippa, loadded up, Flippa
Red Dragon, loaded up, Red
My squad be loaded up, Swear, swear
Hey, loaded up, ayy, loaded up, woah
Loaded up, continue, loaded up, what else?
Loaded up, Swear, loaded up, turn it up

(Verse 1 – ILoveMakonnen)
My money I fold up, bi**hes be pulling
See me in this city, boy I look like wool in
Sheeps in clothing, boy us ni**as be wolfing
Out here off that molly, boy, these bi**hes be tweaking
Barely speaking to my old plug now
That ni**a hit me with so much I ain’t seen him in a while
Cause this s**t been moving, boy, my stocks is goddamn loaded up
I tell that ni**a, come and pull on me, I’m loaded up

(Verse 2 – Lil Yachty)
This is Lil Yachty and I’m boated up
Where you from ni**a? Throw it up
He was hard on the internet, now that ni**a hoeing up
Ni**a what’s up? I’m loaded up
I’m glowed up, I’m counting cash, add it up, add it up
I pulled up these ni**as weren’t ready
Give me a yam I’mma cop the red wraith, pull up with a gold machete
My brother kept the Pendergrass like his first name was Teddy
Down south, young ni**a pulled up in an all grey box Chevy
Woah, fetti, I’m Fetty, like I’m Carti, came to f**k up the party

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Skippa Da Flippa)
Mazi heavy tonka trucks
Skippa da Flippa stack mega bucks
All types of clips, only guns I trust
And I came up off chopping, not touching bust
Old school the Nova, I had the dreams of having a sofa
Now I have chauffeurs
Load the whole clip up, I shoot fast like hiccups
Banana clip drunken, I shoot til it’s over
Cookie roll it, chopper loaded
I am the shooter, I don’t have to show it
Copped me a two piece today and I’ll blow it
Come on this boat get stretched out like aerobics
Me and Makonnen, ten pair of Rick Owens
Shoot the UZI, roll the cookie, make sure that it’s blowing
Cocaine party, you would think it was snowing
We have hella artillery, I know you knowing

(Repeat Chorus)