Birdman – Respek Lyrics

Rich Gang!
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ms. Gladys
Back outchea on my bulls**t, ni**a
Uptown, third ward
Real five star G
Where I’m from, ni**a, it’s respek, there’s disrespek
Then there’s total disrespek and it’s f**k everybody
You dig what I’m saying? Let’s get it
I ain’t gon say it no more, ni**a, BLAT!

Put some respek when you mention my name
You talk about killers, but you ain’t no killer
Pull up on you, it’s game time, ni**a
Front line, you make headline, ni**as
Say my name, get it right
Whip it right, private flights
Every night she keep it tight
Choppas all at that red light
Heard stories bout a ni**a
Keep it real with yourself
Hating on a real ni**a
Really bad for your health

(Verse 1)
Mama left and they sent me
She never seen me in it
I was born to be with it
Came in and she feel it
Came in and we winning
Left out and we did it
Let em know that we with it
They all said that we did it
Ni**as know we the business
Put it down from the sand
Baller life we living
Cluster diamond my hand
Diamond cross in that sand
Diamond price on that man
Gucci stripe on that van
Knock him off for that clan

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Taking s**t just for granted
Pulling up just a habit
Loud talk, you get madness
Loud pipes and we mashing
Stunnaman live lavish
Doing s**t, we the baddest
Alexander my bi**h
Cause every day we Bally
Third Ward like my daddy
Rag tops on that Caddy
Big money on shine
Stay fly with the fashion
Ni**as know that we packing
Every time that we macking
Uptown hot boy
Stunting, never no lacking
Rich Gang! Blat, blat, blat!

(Repeat Chorus)

Yeah, yeah
Rest in peace to my mama
Shout out to my city, uptown New Orleans
Tell them ni**as respek my name
Or keep it out their f**king mouth like a gangsta
Rich Gang, I don’t bang, ni**a
Blat! B talk, we outchea, uptown Third Ward, ni**a
Rich Gang!

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  1. blat blat blaaaaaaaaat!!
    Baller life we living