Ca$h Out & PARTYNEXTDOOR – Sexually Lyrics

Champagne lifestyle
She do what she wanna do
She said she love it
She said to love it
All I wanna do is push your body
All I wanna do is f**k your body
Sorry it’s a cushion
It’s not necessary
Oh, don’t you know what you know, what you know
Is talking bout loving you up babe
Talking bout f**king s**t up babe
It’s been a minute since I’ve been home
It’s been a minute since you’ve been naked in my outback
My swag and M, no end
That tattoo that you fixed, yeah
Says you belong to the six, yeah

All I wanna do is love your body
Sexually, oh yeah
All I wanna do is get next to you
Oh, yeah, yeah
All I wanna do is touch your body
Woah, oh, oh
Don’t you know?
Sexual, sexual
Yeah, oh, oh

(Verse 2 – Ca$h Out & PARTYNEXTDOOR)
Late nights got me making bread for you early in the morning
I’m in a foreign, she foreign, sex game so amazing, so is my touring
I’ve been working hard you know that I’m popping
Your ass looking fat, your lips is popping
You better get me first, your friends is watching
And she bout it
It’s so real
Late night texts from you girl so I know it’s real
This money don’t check the mail cause I got the bills
For real, for real, yeah
I stroke from the side, I’m letting her ride
And did it fore she hear me say take that
The tape on record, the sex so good
She looking at me like babe play it back
I rub on her body, I f**k on her mind
She call the Uber up, yeah, she sent for me
Sex so good, can’t regret this wood
I’mma make you remember me

(Repeat Chorus)