Vanessa Bling – No Dunce Man Lyrics

Man fi have ambition
And a pree elevation
Look how much years you deh pon the land
And yo medz it nuh reach grade one

Mi nuh waan no dunce man, nuh dunce man
Mi nuh waan no dunce man fi husband
If you cyaa type you a nuh my type
And if you cyaa write you a nuh Mister wright

No voice note bout you waan sex
When you go vex
You nuh haffi be the smartest
But you cant even send a short text

(Verse 1)
A could a wa kinda picture that you a beg mi?
See, see, why sexy
No da bwoy yah must be crazy
If him feel like him a get mi

Wid this one bag a lengthy voice note
And the first two line him cant even write out
You dunce, and mi naw hold down my mouth

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You a invite mi a you yard fi wi watch movie
And a bet you cyaa spell TV
Should a did know from you did store mi number
Nothing but just one week
This mi never espect, waan fi spell check
A bare error in a your SMS
Gi who icky and you cant even spell neck
Bout from the first time you saw mi you speechless

(Repeat Chorus 2X)