Young Scooter ft. Kodak Black – Made It out the Hood Lyrics

(Chorus – Young Scooter)
I made it out the hood, my ni**as good
These ni**as hating cause I made it out the hood
Shroom dice playing poker, cooking dope
Jugging bales, that’s what happen in the hood
It’s a lot of real ni**as
Bi**h you know it’s steal and snitch in each and every f**king hood
I would never cross my ni**as
They gon ride for me ni**a, Young Scooter and I put that on my hood

(Verse 1 – Young Scooter)
50 racks in the bank, I’m in the hood shooting CeeLos
Cost a whole 100 thousand, beat that case in Ohio
Never sold a dog food, let that sit off the
When I move, they streets move, it’s a go, I’mma say so
Got that 50 bricks of white in the truck on the back street
Making children stay away but we meet up like a track meet
Pull off in a 2 litre, that sh*t stop my heart beat
I won’t never see you fake rappers out in these dirty streets
You say you from the hood, you better keep it real
Long way up out that money, I won’t ever deal
I got remix dope jumping out the bail
I just spent 5 mil out the hood I’m in

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Kodak Black)
I put that on my mama, I’m a road runner
If this load drop, it gon be a cold summer
Sometimes I wonder how the f**k I keep from going under
Sometimes I wonder how the f**k I made it out the drug
Keep up under them books like a librarian
Booty onion, I’mma motherf**king barbarian
You remember when we caught a case
You remember that little altercation
You know that money dirty, had to do my laundry
But now that money clean, yup, money laundering
VA, I hit for 30, I went down for larceny
Lord you know I’m living dirty, here’s to doing robbery

(Repeat Chorus)