Rae Sremmurd – Look Alive Lyrics

(Intro – Swae Lee)
I’m so far out of sight
Sounds about right

(Chorus – Swae Lee)
I’m so far out of sight
Yeah that sounds about right
Sounds about right
Kill this club, not my vibe
Be the highlight of my night
Look alive, look alive
We can start with something light
Look alive
I can get you so right
I just need an invite

(Verse 1 – Slim Jxmmi)
I’m a smooth criminal
Michael Jackson moonwalking
Like I’m on a pill or something
Five bi**hes round me, mane
It’s bout to be a royal rumble
Hands up if you want the lumber
Hands up if your head the dumbest
Promise I’ma keep you cumming
I get throwed out my mind
Grab a cup, catch a vibe
You look at me and you see big diamonds
I pressed the button on the coupe
The ceiling go behind me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Swae Lee)
You my target, no doubt
Something bout you really stood out, poke it out!
Come here, baby, cause you got three strikes
Come here, baby cause you got what I like
Lit from head to toe, like Bic!
We can pour us a cuatro
Kick back, we can roll
I’ma stay rolling indo
Shopping spree before breakfast
Yeah we stay in the latest
I’ma see to it, that you go crazy
Don’t think I’m here to judge you
I’ma rock you like a baby
Turn you out, yeah I’m that one
I’ma get you where I want you

(Repeat Chorus)