Key! ft. Lil Yachty – Treat Ya Self [New Music]

Key! dropped new single featuring Lil Yachty “Treat Ya Self,” produced by Slade Da Monsta.

It took way too long to stack it up
But it’s way too quick to spend it, I dropped all my revenges
Give a f**k about these bi**hes, I’m thinking bout the riches
I got mind on the gold, I’m searching for my soul
Goddamn I’m so religious, these ni**as so fictitious
Never switched up on my gang, I had to stay the same
All you ni**as pu**y, all you ni**as ain’t real
What’s the deal? Tryna see how I feel
F**k around, get your block knocked off though

Key! ft. Lil Yachty – Treat Ya Self Lyrics

Listen full track below.