Jarren Benton ft. Joyner Lucas & Locksmith – Tec In The Church Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Jarren Benton)
Hopsing put me on in this bi**h, I wish you the best fam
I was thinking bout murking the whole staff of Def Jam
Ni**as sleeping on me like a muthaf**king craftmatic
Counted me out, guess these faggots bad at they mathematics
Cursing God like why the f**k You take my brother?
Prescription pills to coke, guess I love the feel of these uppers
Arguing ni**as cause Pac wasn’t in my top five
You don’t f**k with me hoe, you die from carbon monoxide
F**k the small talk, my blood pressure boiling
If I wanna shoot this s**t, I pop this pistol at the toilet
A new year, f**k this nice guy s**t
If you ain’t rocking with my clique, ni**a bite my d**k blegh
And Lord knows I keep something by the torso
As long as my…f**k y’all award show
Praying on my downfall, want my soul to leave the earth
Put a hole in a ni**a’s chest just like a Yeezy shirt
I’mma feed the needy first
Ill ni**a, need a nurse
I ain’t forget you bi**hes just spat on me when you seen me hurt
Hey we done been to hell, I’m wishing my ni**as well
Threw my ni**a something on his books when he was sitting in jail
Time flies like looking good, ni**a
Cashing checks doing the Soulja Boy, ni**a you!
Ni**as dying over repping they turf
Never know, so I’m praying with my Tec in the church

(Chorus – Jarren Benton)
So they praying on my downfall
Ni**a praying on my downfall
Bout to knock a ni**a crown off
Knock a ni**a crown off
Oh Lord I wish a ni**a would
Wish a ni**a would
Cup of Henny got me feeling good
Got me feeling good
Oh what a feeling dog
What a feeling dog
Bout to count a hundred million dog
A hundred million dog
Throw it up
Ni**as repping they turf
Never know
So I’m praying with my tec in the church

(Verse 2 – Locksmith)
I was told to bring a tec to the church and a bible to the trap
The only method that’s vital for survival is a strap
My little cousin was murdered I was stifled by the act
So when these ni**as yap about violence I’m biased to they raps
I’m here to rescue you
Spilling out of your breaths of truth
Only benefits who is honest, that’s how you execute
Watch who you pillow talk with, that’s how they retribute
These bi**hes use social media like a confession booth
Stay to myself, tread light, and keep my standards up
I was in a space financially where my hands were cuffed
I was in a space creatively where I had enough
Started releasing the music I made for myself so now the fans rush
Sunday mornings at St. John’s in Bay View
Young adolescents distorted we had the same view
Dice games in the basement repping our turf
Bumping Strange, you could say we had a tech in the church

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Joyner Lucas)
Okay, I’m ready to die
Brrra, you waving that tec in the sky
You ready or not?
I enter the block leave all of you dead in a box
Who the f**k is you, Pac?
The f**k is you Biggie? I never get love from the city
I never got s**t, just a couple a titties
A couple a pennies and plenty of haters and tricks
Go fix your mouth before you get back handed
I’m from a bottled of rap planet where these hoes think I’m half Spanish
The truth is I’m an Afghan, I’m half-black but I act frantic
I grab Xanax and pop Vikes and then make a crack sandwich
I’m mad at you
You would never keep your word, you’re such a crook
I can’t trust you, you’ll say anything for a couple bucks
That’s f**king nuts
Word to Karen Civil, you f**king slut
You’s just a thot and your…losing yo swat
I know who is you not, f**k you and that Louis you got
With my money taking vacations and s**king noodles and cocks
They got proof you a fraudulent f**k with a Vince Carter neck
Crooked weave and some funny tits
And the face of a lumpy d**k, my ni**a f**k this bi**h
S**t, I hope my 50k was worth it
Or your pimping days are murdered, you done bit the blade on purpose
I know this gon make you nervous
Who the f**k did you encourage?
Hillary Clinton ain’t gon like this, she’s fanning next to a serpent
I’m standing next to your merchant
Writing curses in cursive all over your f**king hearses
Get froggy, you’s just a hermit
Bi**h go get your f**king hair did
How old is that s**t?
I should wrap my d**k around your neck and keep choking that s**t, bi**h

(Repeat Chorus)