Jay Z – The Game Is Mine Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Product of determination
One who made it through like the sperm who made him
I represent strength like the black mom who didn’t terminate him
But in turn gave him her all
Now discussing barbershop back rooms
Online chat rooms and on the bathroom on the wall
I came from the bottom but the talent God gave him got him by
Y’all can hate him but that only made him stronger than
Hov end his sentence
Know you wanna roll when the Rolls comes 20 inches ni**a
Standard I speak Spanish to these hoes and they know
Dame peso, my peso is large than The Lakers Payroll
But I’m the proud new owner of the Nets no diploma
No regrets don’t even talk about no Ruckers motherf***ers
I am set like a tennis match
See where your interest at
Y’all don’t get the big picture yet, ni**a get
Go get yourself a flat screen, not only on the rap scene
Last seen on ESPN rapping
Boy Hov got a hell of a pen
He don’t put it to paper he just write in the wind
I know you hate him now you wasn’t liking him then
His paper getting long like IBM
Ey bien
It’s all good, I see them
Trying to make a little fame off the name again
Advantage Carter
Young f**k try to catch up
You know the score ni**a, half of Philly love

S Dot talking off, come walk with me
If not, sit back and watch me do me
Just side line ballers
I thought I told ya
It’s the undisputed champ-ion
Looking at them S. Dots it’s about that time
The number one sellers since they first designed

Man, if things keep going like this tennis will never be the same after June 18th!

(Verse 2)
I’m ready
Looking at them S. Dots it’s about that time
To do Michael Jordan numbers, the sneaker game is mine
I didn’t make em for the ball court I made em to shine
So you can score big when you courting a dime
When ni**as see me, s**t they see the grind
You gotta be blind, you only see the shine
I dropped them S. Dots and in record time
The number one seller since they first design
50/50 you know how I handle mine
A nickle for you, give me my dime
Tell Paul Fireman, I got em on fire man
He ain’t been this hot since A.I. was signed
Now a ni**a talking to Kenyon Martin
Shawn Marion, s**t I might be starting
S Dot NBA ni**as
Went from being in VA to signing NBA ni**as
I hurdled every hurdle
Every ni**a that was out of a ni**a’s reach with my figure of speech
Open the door, with my ni**as with me
Open it more for ni**as I don’t know