Big KRIT – Sticks & Stones Lyrics

(Chorus 2X)
All I had was sticks and stones
To do a song
One shot to give them something they can feel
Lay it down place your bets
This is what we call Rhythm Roulette

I’m thinking way back when
Tryna to make something outta nothing
Grandma jamming to music
Well why you doing all that cussing?
I’m like, It’s a part of the game
Like when the 808 bang
And knock your pictures of the wall
And you get mad
I’m on some tryna be better than what they expect
A country boy that like rap music but keep Willie Hutch off in the deck
I know that’s unorthodox, my flow
But sometimes the poetry much better than a metaphor
And when the groove is right you gotta settle for it
Cause you made this beat thirty minutes ago
And that’s just me, that’s just me
I make my own beats, write my own rhymes
That’s just me, that’s just me
Till the sun die
That’s just we, that’s just we
All my family and friends
My brother, my sister, my cousin and kin
To the end

(Chorus 2X)