ScHoolboy Q – Groovy Tony Lyrics

Blank face, tre 8
Kill everybody, f**k an AK
Sell narcotics and step my dollars up to Bill Gates
Push all limits, you looking timid, need to back off
Punk a*s cops them crackers want us with our black off
Thug life ni**a since 96 I want the gang bang
Few years later I’m really from it
We were still kids
Crack off ni**a I’m squeezing empty til the shell break
F**k my image I need to drop
I need to, blank face
Cause brain damage from my mechanics, keeping two ways
Sell narcotics, I’m slanging diamonds with your pack then
Stack large commas, you with your riders with your backbone
Can’t fold figures I make deposits with the gold grin
Jeans look dirty, I lift the Chevy with the rims on
All bad bi**hes they wanna f**k me with cap on
Real life ni**a, I’m in the stu til all the weed blown
Wait long, long, I hit the dope behind the cellphone
Y’all don’t Hear me, I want the money right
Ugh, Groovy Tony, no face, killer
I see the money right, ugH
Yeah, I’m blank face

Clear everything out the safe
Crack the pig bank
Robbing your kids too
My Heart an igloo
The devil in all blue
Die now go to Heaven or bring em through
Lot of brown round Here
Got that white girl for you
And she swimming in fire water, could be double digits
Pistol through your Civic
Most die before they Hear it
Turn a ni**a to a spirit
Drive slow, oh, Hey
Hit the curb with shattered mirrors
Look around now you’re Hell-bound
Boogie down, bulls**t I want it loud
Slang a bird every Hou
Smack a ni**a with the Heat
Contradicting, now you peace
Leave you triple six laying in defeat
Can you dig it?
Struck a match, they won’t finish
Drop a ni**a off, get a ni**a whipped
Squeezing fingertips, aye

(Repeat Chorus)