Nicki Minaj Settles Her $30 Million Wig Lawsuit Out Of Court

Nicki Minaj has one less legal trouble to deal with. The Trinidadian rapper has settled her $30 million wig lawsuit out of court.

Back in 2014, Minaj’s former wig designer Terrence Davidson filed a lawsuit against her claiming that she stole his designs and started marketing and selling them as her brand of wig.

Nicki Minaj went through a phase in her career where she donned some outlandish wigs and outfits, well those colorful wigs were courtesy of Davidson, who is an Atlanta based hairstylist.

Nicki won the lawsuit but Davidson legal team filed an appeal and won on the grounds that the two had a verbal agreement which is binding. But Minaj is saying that the wig designs are not intellectual property and that Davidson was only hired to design wigs for her.

Seems all of that is now water under the bridge since Davidson filed legal docs on April 1st to dismiss the lawsuit. Seems someone received a hefty sum of cash outside of the court.