Popcaan ft. Drake Controlla Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Gyal you body good and you special to me
Waan meck you mi lady officially
From you ticket fi buy then mi willing fi pay
Fly you in from distance away

Right, my yiy just changed
You just buzzed the front gate
I thank God you came
How many more days could I wait?
I made plans with you
And I won’t let em fall through
I, I, I, I, I

(Chorus – Drake)
I think I’d lie for you
I think I’d die for you
Jodeci Cry For You
Do things when you want me to
Like controlla, controlla
Yeah, like controlla, controlla

(Verse 2 – Drake)
Yeah, okay, you like it
When I get, aggressive, tell you to
Go slower, go faster
Like controlla, controlla
Yeah, like controlla, controlla
And I’m never on a waste ting shorty
I do it how you say you want it
Them girls, they just wanna take my money
They don’t want me to give you nothing
They don’t want you to have nothing
They don’t wanna see me find your loving
They don’t wanna see me
Smiling back when they pree

(Repeat Chorus)
Baby you meck mi happy
Whine up you sexy body fi Poppi
Your eyes dem looking at me
And you turn me on like a new Bugatti
Naughty things mi want you do
So mi would a love it if you could a come through
Meck wi smoke a spliff, have a drink me and you
Then mi release you stress a Yorkville Avenue
Sexiness you a pro

(Pre Chorus – Popcaan)
Sexiness you a pro
Mek mi bend you over inna ya bra and ya shoes
Baby, wah mek you so rude
You pretty inna clothes but mi love when yuh nude
Baby, it no tek you nuttin, fi move meh
Yuh bad like an action movie
She say fi do it rough tonight, not smoothly
Love how you unruly

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 4 – Popcaan)
She love it when we dweet all night
And she mek it clap when she ride my bike
She cock it up pan di private flight
Fi mi lace her up like mi brand new Nike
Mi say mi want her all my life
When she sing mi note pan di cordless mic
Mi want ar all my life
All my life
Mi see it say yuh

(Repeat Pre Chorus & Chorus)