Drake and Beyonce Dropping Albums In April

Two of the biggest stars in music, Drake and Beyonce, are rumored to be dropping albums in April.

Since the start of the year some big names stars have released hugely successful albums including Kendrick Lamar, Future, Kanye West and Rihanna. But the rain of albums are not yet over because Drake and Beyonce are also planning to drop blockbuster albums.

The Toronto emcee has been rumored to be working on his new album Views From The 6 since last year. Sources are telling us that the project could be released as early as April 2nd.

“April 2 is the day that the face of rap music will change and give birth to a new era,” sources said.

Last month Drake started promoting the album by erecting billboards at a airport in Toronto.

So far Beyonce has not confirmed that she has a new album coming out, but multiple rumors suggesting that she has been quietly working on her new album title Formation. The rumors came on the heels of her latest single “Formation” and her well received Super Bowl performance.

Sources are saying that she will be dropping the new album in April without notice just like she did her previous project.

One of Beyonce’s fan sites also reported that the album will accompany a short film.