Gyptian – I’ve Experienced it Lyrics

You feel the weight of pressure pulling you down
Like your last day under the sun
And if you ever feel your alone
Remember I’ve have experienced it
Loyalty and honesty is no more around
Only the sound you can hear is the gun
And when the smoke is all cleared down
Somebody crying out 6 foot 6
Well I’ve experience it
Somebody 6 foot 6
Condolence to the family

Cyaa give up, no matter how rough life set
Better way always deh out deh
You just got to know how you make your step
Because evil love whole heap a traps deh out deh
Man a shoot you faster than you can seh feh!
Man a murder woman and the likkle baby
Mi know you house suh if you survive you naw go leave nowhere
You not even reach 20
No mercy dem naw shot to nobody
Bright light a make the most in a the country
Asian a gwaan good in a gun exchange
F**king up wi country
Scamming and everything same way
More blood fi the oil and the gun, and the money
Progress a meck dem go stray
Dem nuh use to no
Protect and guide me