Darrio & Tamarley – Ready Fi Dem Lyrics

If a war dem waan
Then mi ready fi dem
Tamarley ready fi done the enemy dem
And the whole a Sub Team dem mi ready fi dem
And the thugs dem a New York got guns many fi dem

From a war dem a perry yeah wi ready
Bwoy fi very necessarily yeah wi ready
From gunshot fi buss yeah wi ready
Shot nuh care who can run fast like Shelly

Buss off a face yeah wi ready
Go court and buss off the case yeah wi ready
Naw dem food caw wi seh grace already
Dem bwoy diss and dem know dem never ready

(Verse 1)
Dem a meck chat but a duppy wi meck
Rise up the glock suh wi go fi the tech
Drive by pon dem block
No better wi tep
And everybody pon the endz breath haffi left

Hey Darrio mi see it seh a war dem suggest
But not even bulletproof vest cyaa protect
Then when dem shot yah start bore through objects and connect
Meck sure Mama have a black dress

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Skull mi nuh fraid fi buss that
Wi nuh pot cover head open like a dutch pot
Bwoy not even squeal, make no sound
Get a one room in a the cemetery wid nough bat
Tamarley, kill the pu**y dem up a the bus stop
Black rain a fall like storm pon the house top
Dem gyal scream out like the breaks when the truck stop
When man rise up the techi and the clutch back

(Repeat Chorus)