Hot Up Di Place Lyrics

Meck mi hot up the place meck it look like summer
Meck the whole air hot like summer
Cause dem easy fi wet up like plumber
Lift up that and come yah

A mad-mad move, waan my finger move
Mi nuh haffi use power
Fi meck black rain fall like shower
And mi naw warn dem caw mi nuh Noah
Bwoy fall like tower

(Verse 1)
Run hi, run hi matic, suh mi take time press hi
And if him drop a straight in a him forehead mi go rest hi
Him did a talk tough, look how easy mi catch hi
Take time select hi and strike like Messi
Bwoy get bullet, mi nuh mercy, nuh pet hi
Deal wid the crime f**k up suh mi haffi confess hi
We response fi badness
Suh tell dem fi left hi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Mi si the pu**y dem a penny mi
Mi nuh left the matic anyweh mi deh
Mi know the cure and remedy
A more gun plan fi the enemy
Dem cyaa drain mi energy
Nuh keep bomboclaat badmind and jealousy
Head a buss like Hennessy
If a nuh shallow grave then a cemetery

(Repeat Chorus)