Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky – Golf Media Freestyle Lyrics

(Verse 1 – A$AP Rocky)
My attire, you require
It’s imperial
So fire, devour anything, I mean I’ve been
Close to power, just realize and devour
I’m riding Mario Kart, I think I might pick Bowser
I need mothaf**king housing
I need s**t that’s off the yowzer
But tell that bi**h to come through, f**k a ni**a, man
Hell to club

(Verse 2 – Tyler, the Creator)
Young T came through with the new whip
I ain’t even got a new bi**h, I’m with my old one
Got a ni**a named Scooty, got an old gun
And if you want some, you don’t want that, ni**a
Got the green hat cause it match the pockets
Get cats, cats, dogs, frogs and all
F**k that, ni**a, got a problem?
Ni**a gotta solve em, ni**a know your mama
Know where his family lives

(Verse 3 – A$AP Rocky)
Come through this s**t applying dirt
My ni**a Tyler got Hawaiian shirt
Got the Dior bomber, I ain’t no farmer
I’ll tell your papa I’ll pop the llama
F**k you talking bout? Don’t want no drama
Ain’t know, they better show you, boy
Stole you, boy, I thought I told you, boy
I’ll f**k your girl, ho on the Polaroid

(Verse 4 – Tyler, the Creator)
Shout my ni**a J, shout my ni**a Trav
Shout my ni**a Dom, should my ex-girlfriend’s moms
Cause I f**ked her too
And I’ll f**k you in the mouth if you’ve got a problem
F**k your crew and everybody that you know
I don’t got a problem, ni**a, woah
Rolling down Slauson in all red, woah
I don’t really play the thugger but I know

(Verse 5 – A$AP Rocky)
Tell that bi**h to see me good
Told that bi**h to hit me good
And your man won’t beat me good
See it on Golf Media
F**k you mean? I’m high as s**t
F**k you mean you fly as this?
Why you talking lies and s**t?
Tell that bi**h to slide my d**k

(Outro – Tyler, the Creator)
I got a fat ass
I got a fat ass
I got a fat ass
And I hit it
I got a fat ass