Tifa – The Champ Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Champion have the champion muscle wid the champion grip
Champion bubble when mi sit down pon it
TKO pu**y knock him out like a bi**h
54321 him out
Mi have the glue weh hold man like pornal
Sweet like a Cadence Milk in a tin can
This gyal will make you bwal pon you knee
Baby come over, gimmi some please
Cyaa get enough him just a call round the clock
A 55 message him left pon whatsapp
Seh him waan mi good body and the thing weh mi got
Cause how mi put it on, it a beat it like…

Wa mi seh? When gyal good, gyal good
But a me a the greatest
God bless me wid sugar pums
Suh no gyal cyaa test this
Man haffi waan this
Man haffi dream bout mi
Man haffi dream bout mi

And if mi exmiss
Him haffi dream bout mi
Man haffi dream bout mi

(Verse 2)
A me seh c**k it and mi know weh m have
Man a run mi down
Oh my God dem such a mess
Suh mi kill dem wid finest
Then mi start the rough ride
Get him high like cess
A gyal ever puppy tail pon you hood yet?
A gyal ever vibrate meck you scream yet
A gyal ever meck you feel is a dream
Open you eye bwoy, a me bwoy a me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)