Teflon – Beat Dem Bad Lyrics

Now a pon TV everyday dem seet
Ride paw mi name like JUTC
Man a mack, hey you PC
Go sit down

Cause mi ears dem a ring like a bell
The young king go tell dem seh
Hell mi wi send dem
Mi gun mi nuh sell dem
Don’t diss mi friend dem
The crocks wi curel dem
The zink fence, the trench dem
A my daily endz dem

(Verse 1)
Talk dem a talk, dem nuh lucky like mi
Waan hate dem nuh happy like mi
Me you gyal rate you nuh haffi like mi
Shi come on like

If you a eight, nine, tell you supn
Young king nuh simple supn
You a big bate bwoy tan a you yard

Pu**y you try diss badman you naw miss the news
Bare hypocrite you choose
Young king nuh fit you shoes
Gyal dem seh you weak in a yo waist
And a you lip you use
Whole business yo lose to you self

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
All who bathe over St. Thomas
Man a beat dem bad wid the sledge hammer
You guard ring gone suh you strength a lost
Likkle renta rass, you mouth wrenk no rass
A problem mi cause

From mi seh young kings
Mi like sweet now like a bee hive
Mi a run the North, the South
The West a run the East side
Hot like a fire dem sit down a catch this a seaside
Contract weh mi sign, better dem resign

Nuh maintain the lodge weh him join
Suh him lose him house
Link up music house
In a the music from so long and nuh have a student house
Wid you old hits
Look pon young kings clothe

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)