Alkaline Patrons Walked Out During Live Performance In Ghana

Alkaline may have performed in front an empty stadium during his recent trip to Ghana.

The dancehall hitmaker has been having a bad year coming off a hugely successful year in 2015. But in case you’re wondering why Ghana dancehall fans resented the deejay this is what we’re told.

Alkaline Retaliate At Vybz Kartel Fan Who Bottled Him On Stage

Alkaline and his team touched down in the African nation last week and immediately did a few interviews ahead of his big performance at the MTNPulse Concert.

During his sit down with Sammy Forson on Live Fm in Ghana, Alkaline spoke about not knowing any local artists.

“I’ve heard some songs on radio whilst driving but I can’t figure out their names,” the “Champion Boy” deejay said. “I must admit, I don’t know any names here yet dem tunes bad still”. He revealed.”

Seems that statement angered the folks in Ghana who rebelled by walking out on the deejay during his performance at the 59th Independence Day celebration.

Sources told us that Alkaline went through his entire set with a fraction of the patrons remaining inside the venue that gathered at the front of the stage.

Last month, Alkaline had another running with fans at a concert in St. Lucia, where a bottle of water was thrown on the stage and hit him in his head. He took that bottle and toss it back in the crowd.



  1. Why so much hate for one artiste.That is why the yute sing seh :,”I neva see so much badmind from i bawn,until mi career tek off and fly gone”.The youth spoke the truth.

  2. Ghana people Queng dem all ……………….come to Gambia on d 28th may 2016 u will know who love u more….. every things in life just take time

  3. Ghana people Queng dem all ……………….come to Gambia on d 28th may 2016 u will know who love more…..

  4. Faridah nakalanzi

    Alkaline come Uganda thy know more about Dance hall Uganda the best

  5. he didnt do anything wrong, he told the truth. biggup the artist still cause him have talent. go tru yah yute and mek good music and do u thing, nuh badda idle or follow negativity. we bash him enuff already, better we encourage him fi progress. he is JA’s own.

  6. very truth, TrueJamaican the bwoy didn’t diss no one a Ghana he just said he didn’t know any local artist in no moment was an offence ..

  7. African people not in the freaky, nasty battiwash stuff! They prefer REAL REGGAE & REAL VIBES!

  8. some thing wrong with unuh enuh … the yute is a Dancehall Artist nuh matter how unuh want look pon it like him r not… so wat if evrybody rate kartel over him… ppl still rate him songs and listen dem religiously

  9. We Ghanaians Have Love for No Man But Vybz Kartel.Respect That.Is Di Truth. #GazaFuo

  10. Truth Is Truth.Vybz Kartel Is Di Dancehall World Boss Him Name One Star

  11. Unuh lie no rasss. When mi read the article before seeing the video, mi did expect fi si the stadium empty. From what I can see, from the stage to the playing area ram and scattered amounts in the stands. In addition, I thought Alkaline did something wrong before I read the full article. Truth be told, HE TOLD THE TRUTH! Mi nuh know nuh singer from Ghana. How many Jamaicans know an artist from Ghana? In addition, this was his first trip there. In any event, people have freedom to go to a concert or not. As a Jamaican, I love all Jamaican artist. Yes I have my favorites and follows those closely. I refuse to join the crab in a barrel mentality. Loww the youth mek him earn him bread. Listen to who you like instead of coming on social media and a tear down a fellow Jamaican. Urban Islandz, stop with your over sensationalism to attract traffic. It is a lie to say he performed to an empty stadium then to show the place ram. Shame on you.
    Read your opening line then watch the video “Alkaline may have performed in front an empty stadium during his recent trip to Ghana”. It nuh mesh. You are doing a displeasure to dancehall.

  12. vendetta run di place,Alkaline cnt be compared to kartel but do man is good

  13. Clam dwn alkaline a the man a the best I seen so far for a youth { VENDETTA}

  14. Alkaline has on analog brain hm cannot keep up to vybz kartel standard him afi go study the old encyclopedia and come again

  15. Was this a free concert? If not, then it would’ve made more sense for them to be absent in the first place.

  16. Alkaline is not on Vybz Kartel level he is not a true authentic dancehall artist like Vybz Mavado and Busy. So no one want to see him perform.