Assassin (Agent Sasco) – Africa Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Mother of civilization
One they stand 55 nation
Look pon the glory’s and the heart of the world
All part of the world dem a feel the vibration
The rasta man dem a seh repatriation
Marcus Garvey did a preach the vibration
But dem a tell wi seh a nuh visa you need fi go deh
You need immunization

Dem seh the whole a down a Africa
Dem waan mi do the whole heap a…down a Africa
A that mi waan do

How dem nuh tell wi bout the…down a Africa
Like seh a just jungle and wild life down a Africa

(Verse 2)
Dem start see people in the heart of the congo
For really Tarzan a the king of the jungle
Wi know seh every elephant a nuh jumbo
And a nuh everybody tall like Motombo
Show wi all the king dem and the queen dem
Refugee dem
My African ancestors live the…
So hear wa mi a pree then

(Repeat Chorus)