Tory Lanez – Uber Everywhere Lyrics

Took the Uber to your house now
Took the Uber to your house now
I just took the Uber, yeah yeah
Cause I’m rolling with the shooters, yeah yeah
Hella choppers, hella rugers, yeah yeah
Down to lift you like a movie, yeah yeah yeah
Shawty always got the lean, yeah
She want to f**k the one umbrella team, yeah
Put your bi**h in Uber X, yeah yeah
In Dubai I Uber jet, yeah yeah
I took Uber to your crib
Ain’t gon lie girl I was f**ked up off the sh**s
F**k with me I bring two bad ones to the crib
F**k with me I bring new backwoods to the crib
And every bi**h a ni**a f**ked be on my d**k
No I don’t know I ain’t always come down to this
My only rule is just don’t hit me on my trap phone
You know I can’t get caught up on my trap phone
Five stars to my Uber, yeah
Help me smoke up in the Uber
Cause I don’t need no xan, need no lean
I keep this sh*t clean, Hennessy and weed when I do her
Uber on the way, yeah yeah
So you get on your way, yeah yeah
Rounding up the bi**hes like I’m Nino
Took this flow from Travis I know he know Straight up!
I got a brand new scheme for kicking up out of this
When she come up in the crib ain’t s**king on no d**k
I’m a put her in that Uber and put her on that trip
Halfway through the ride I’m canceling that s**t, yeah
Halfway through the ride I’m canceling that s**t, yeah
S**t, you the s**t, with the Kylie Jenner lips
You know I’m that singing ni**a I might give Kylie Jenner d**k
With them Black Chyna hips they collide in this s**t
Oh I knew you was a trick, you slip and slide in that s**t
It be me and Play Picasso ain’t no Metro in this hoe
I be stunting, I be gas like it’s petrol in this hoe
And them bi**hes vote for me it’s like I’m Pedro in this hoe
I be changing all my exes like a gecko in this hoe, yeah
Riding round the city with the lean on my face
Kellz ain’t reading books but he got magazines on his waist
I might swipe you for these bottles got 13 on the way
I’m a fly ni**a ain’t no Robin jeans on my waist
Pu*** boy I’ll slap that smile clean off your face
You don’t know no trap ni**as you don’t be round this way
You some actor ni**a boy I used to see you on the screen
Now skrt skrt all that Uber whip around the way
Uber everywhere