QQ – My Faith Lyrics

I know my faith lies withing Jah
When the evil trying to fight we
A the clean heart prosper

I know my faith lies withing Jah
And no matter wa the wicked dem a pree
Jah-Jah keep my company

(Verse 1)
Mi nuh listen wa dem seh
And try fi do
Because a Jah wi overcome dem obstacles
Keep positive youth, stay out of trouble
Dem a grudge you true yo life a turn out to be supn
In front yo face dem smile, behind dem chat
More time dem style you, seh a fool that
Dem dying fi you career…time fi you flop
But a Jah a protect you youths don’t stop

I know Jah-Jah guide me everyday
Jah will never let me lose my way
All when badmind talk
And dem waan fi see the youths fall
I and I still a stand tall

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Ghetto youth, from you have pure hands and clean heart
From life you shall not depart
Ghetto youths make sure you do good
And one day you shall receive your reward

(Repeat Chorus)