Masicka – High Lyrics

When mi tell you seh mi high
Believe mi seh mi high
Highest grade alone, a never bush weed mi go buy
Man a look weed mi go fly
Straight up in a the sky
Put mi pon a money medz yo see the green in a mi eye
Wi nuh run joke bout burn coke hey bwoy weh you a try
50 bag and 20 bag a joke thing mi naw go lie

Highest grade alone. a never bush weed mi go buy
When mi tell you seh mi high
Believe mi seh mi high

(Verse 1)
Mi heart a race, mi heart a race
Mi brain a fly plane
A the highest mi go buy yes
Bush a my grain
The lighter done in a the party wi go find flame
Light it up again mi friend, more fire like Iwayne
Cigarette the stick a death
No needle in a my vane
Roll it up and puff it anywhere
Who dem a try tame
Smoke a puff, smoke a puff
Something like train
Lick mi off a the ground

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Hey bwoy, that nuh ready yet
No, that a zaza
High grade mi ask fa
Smoke till mi maga
Bredda weh the grabber deh weh hotter than lava?
Mix it wid the weed, the crocks nuh mix up in a drama
Me and a pretty gyal brace up in a corner
Take time bubble mine you drop the marijuana
Drink but mi nuh drunk that a part of the order
When you see me stagga a the skunk man order

(Repeat Chorus)

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