Konshens Eyes Total Dancehall Takeover In 2016

Konshens has been seeing a lot of success in dancehall over the last couple of years but last year we saw the least of the Subkonshus deejay.

While his presence locally has been dwindled a bit, the “Realest Song” deejay has maintained a strong visibility in overseas markets.

Darrio Talks Relationship With Konshens And Leaving Subkonshus Records

Now Konshens is saying that he is heading back to his core fan base on home soil.

“Dancehall is a energy industry and people in deh sensitive; yuh cyaa have one foot in an’ one foot out,” Konshens said. “Mi love dancehall and the fans gimmie everything, so mi ago jus’ show dem weh mi stand up. Still ago tek on outta road because out deh a mine, to, but a yasso di real love deh.”

Konshens also said that he is never satisfied with the level that he has reached in dancehall and is constantly pushing the boundaries.

“I am happy but never satisfied,” the deejay said. “I think I’ve made a steady rise with limited resources and connections, but it has been hard work and trial and error.”

Konshens also has a new music video out now “Out Yasso Dread” watch below.