Vershon – Anything for You Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Three kids without a father figure
Daddy never play part
Life did hard, sometime wi nuh have no dinner
And still Mama stay smart
Mi nuh know how shi dweet
But she’s a strong black woman
Wid a brave heart
Mi love mi Mama bad cause wa shi do fi mi
Mi could a never pay for

I’ll do anything for you Mam
Anything for you

My all I’ll give for you Mama
Anything for you

Am ready to die, I would have kill for you
Mansion in the sky I would have build for you

I’ll do anything for you Mam
Anything for you

(Verse 2)
Woman gerse you tired self
Long time you a work
You can done now
Anything you need I will try and help
Mommy mi love you bad and you done know
Any man nuh love dem mother better try and dead
Mommy you a mi queen mi love you bad
And this yah song yah, this a my anthem

(Repeat Chorus)

Mama you a the queen
The leading lady in a mi life
Mi give you all mi heart
You ever deh-deh by mi side
Even when mi daddy slide
You still play his part
Such a beautiful woman wid a brave heart
Give you anything you want
Mama I love you

(Repeat Chorus)