Jahmiel – Break Away Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Sufferation nuh make no sense to we
Bigger heads nuh make no sense you lie
You build the feds fi jeopardize
The life of man fam, ma friends and I
Dem seh change a go come
But changes already here
Caw when man check the facts and see who have it all
A dem but I don’t care

Am from a place where minds are held down wid shackles and chains
We see no change
Free your mind and break away

(Verse 2)
People wish you talk less and show more action
Cause you can say what you wanna
But no action
Seh dem a go share wa happen to the poor fraction
Talk weh mi feel cause as a rass dem cyaa program man
Done tell dem mi nuh frighten fi no house and land
If a the end wi a one while you a boast pon one
There is no love and everyday mi a seet
This world is too crazy for me

(Repeat Chorus 2X)