Vic Mensa – Danger Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Free man s**t
We don’t need no cops round here
I got my d**k in hand cause I know a lot of y’all ni**as running scared
I got God on my side and I know the devil trying to take a ni**a under
Really makes me wonder
And I’m feeling like the 2nd coming
As I f**ked the world for the first time and she love it

I think this life is the only one for me
I wouldn’t trade it for nothing, unless
She was 5’7, pretty waist, coke bottle, basket case
You know me I like the danger
You know me I like the danger

(Verse 2)
I’m on I-95
Double fist tequila when I drink and drive
2016 I gotta get it now
Pray to God I’m still alive
Put your lighters up
Let me take you where I was
Southside ain’t safe outside
Seen a ni**a standing on 47th street with a black Glock nine in the sky
Put your bangers up, twitch your fingers up, bangers up
Ni**as yelling Game! but ni**as ain’t tailored up
Nah, inked up, I’m tatted up
Run up on the studio and Rata-Tat-Tat it up rrrrtt
I let all my ni**as talk for they self
They like to jugg, man they like easy money
They like making that s**t hard for they self
I just realized I don’t f**k with y’all
I just gotta stack my money tall
You know that feeling when you at the bank
Tryna quit cigarettes going through withdrawals
And you always knew you had what it takes
So you feeling like it’s time that you take it all
Lying through they teeth ni**as too fake
That’s the reason really, really why I hate you all
That’s how I feel out here, s**t is real out here
Young ni**as really out here in the field out here, yea
What’s the deal out here?
Trying to turn a couple hundreds to a mil out here, yea
And it’s still our year
Ni**as say they catching up they still not here
I’m looking around like
Where the f**k y’all at?
If you scared better keep your punk ass in the back

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I don’t like the way that ni**as talking like they bullet proof
Until they gotta find out what a bullet do
Catch two in your Canada Goose
It’ll turn a ni**a into proof, ooh
Shout out to my ni**as on 8 Mile
Shout out my ni**as on Flatbush
Shout out to my ni**as up in Cape Town
Gang-banging, rolling up the ops and the Backwoods
Don’t get turned into a pack kid
You know how to act kid
You know where we at yea
You know what The Blueprint is
Ain’t really s**t for me and Jay to lay a ni**a flat yea
And we build it from the ground man
I made the foundation like bi**hes with make-up
You’re flexing your Jacob
You’re cut like a shape up
The city so hot it might dry the whole lake up
I need it God, I could ride like a race horse
I need a bi**h to stay A1 like the steak sauce
Pu**y so good I might stay like my pesos
B*tch and my gang, I’m the chief like a Halo
I go hard in the paint like a DayGlo
I tell Aoki he look like Towkio
I’m on my new HOV and Nas its a takeover
Young boy but I’m an OG like I’m Maco

(Repeat Chorus)