I-Octane – No Badda Dan Jah Lyrics

Bwoy could a march wid the tallest
Gun dem
And a spar wid the heartless thugs dem
Pon people put cyaa change
Gun dem
Mash dem up like a starlet
Bwoy sell out him friend fi Mark-X

Just fi walk pon red carpet
Time longer than roap you better mark it
Now him secret buss out a closet

No bwoy nuh badda dan Jah
None a dem nuh badda dan Jah

I know, no bwoy nuh badda dan Jah
None a dem nuh badda dan Jah

I know Jah love is here to stay
And I know that’s why we have to pray

(Verse 1)
Youth, nuh fraid fi seh a prayer
Nuh fraid fi reason wid the Messiah
Because no man nuh higher
Nuh care if dem a run the road like tire
Nough a seh that dem a killer
Who naw queng dem a stinger
A brag seh dem a singer ¸
And see it deh, a board box dem laydown in a

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
That’s why mi seh prayer pon prayer youth
Prayer pon prayer
Mi know the most high despise vampire
So I a sing load like a voice pon quire
Cause Jah a go burn dem like you light waan fire
When him seh food a nuh supn weh you hot up and eat
People you left a batter pon street
But member this, Jah-Jah naw sleep
Suh everything you do member Jah-Jah can see it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)