Darrio – F.W.B (Friends With Benefits) Lyrics

Am just the friends with benefits
You can count on me when you want the problem dem fi fix

Friends with benefits
F.W.B call on me
And I’ll be friend with benefits
You boyfriend a pree just because you and me

A friend with benefits
You keep it pon the down low
When you see me gwaan like you don’t know

(Verse 1)
Lets keep this thing no strings attach
No feelings, nuh throw no feelings nuh catch
Just remember the aim a the game is fun
Suh nuh look at it like you a gi yo man bun
Am just the man you call when you feel fi a change
When you broke you can also link me fi a change
But when you reach home things must remain the same
Cause this is just our likkle game

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
You nuh haffi tek mi call when you and him a spar
You have the type a body fi meck any man war
When am with my Missis you call that happiness
A suh the supn set up do nuh get it twist girl friend
You have yo man, but yo body neatly
Mi nuh haffi loud it up wi link up discreetly
You have the number, everything fi reach mi
Suh call mi anytime you need mi

(Repeat Chorus 2X)