2 Chainz – MF’N Right Lyrics

Now that’s crazy
Now that’s hard Mike WiLL, that’s hard
See I ain’t see it like that, that’s hard
You hard bruh
That’s why, that’s why we been friends for so long bruh
That’s why I used to sneak you in the club bruh
Just for that reason right there bruh
Aight bruh, let me just freestyle some more, cause this s**t
I’m smoking the LSD
And god dang, I got a little drink downstairs
I don’t need it though, let’s go
Let me just f**k with this s**t

Told a bi**h you motherf**king right
Told a bi**h you motherf**king right
Told a bi**h you motherf**king right
Told a bi**h you motherf**king right

(Verse 1)
Mike told me this gon be your favorite song
Ooh, wear that red one, that my favorite thong
Put em on, I said baby put em on
I said what you gonna do when you go home?
Kiss your man after you s**ked on my woo!
She called my phone, I told her I was at the store
Last name Chainz, first name 2
Pull up on me, shawty you know what to do

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I bought some gold chains with my drug money
Then wore it on the stage just to stunt on ‘em
That’s how we do it on the south side
Might buy an AK using all 5’s
Pittsburgh, zone 6, zone trey
Zone 1, do this s**t like every day
Old, copy roll, camera roll
24’s got the Wraith pigeon toed

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Gas station, re-up on the petrol
Hit the trap and re-up on the petrol
S**t, by the time you get it it’s a retro
S**t, used to have a job outside of Citgo
S**t, by the time you get it I’ll be peww ni**a
Yeah I been a player since the womb ni**a
OG Kush is my perfume ni**a
Ice on my wrist, I got my mind right
Riding down the street with the Klon-dykes
Two black hoes, white one in the middle
I’m getting to the S with two lines in the middle
Got a bankroll that’ll make it whip

(Repeat Chorus)