Ryme Minista – See Us Fall Lyrics

My life, my life
Never smooth like carpet
Enemies a pray fi mi stall like Starlet
Because dem know seh mi wicked and heartless
Silent river run deep suh mi talk less, talk less
Shrub out

They wanna see us fall
Fall, represent fi the warriors
Killers stand tall, tall

Watch it meck mi lift up da place yah
Beat it like a drum because the youth dem love mi flavor
Killas, dem know mi behavior
Rise up like the morning sun and take over Jamaica

(Verse 1)
Killers take over
As this situation
When dem think a safety, big violation
Caw dem never prepare fi the young generation

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yeah mi know dem negative suh mi a pree dem
Like the eye in a the pyramid
F**king Eden
Mi friend, mi family, mi relative
Mi know dem would a waan destroy the place weh mi live

But mi know seh a far mi a come from
Suh far mi a go
So anywhere mi step the whole army a go
Some a go home and some a go crazy
Hard mi a go
Mi spin the place like tornado
Mi ears dem chip so mi cyaa hear you

(Repeat Chorus)