CURREN$Y – Forecast Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Cop that, ni**as mad
Oops, my bad
Reached in the bag, spent a few racks
Look at that, Canal Street Confidential, put em on the map
Getting to where the real ones felt he should’ve been at
Nothing changed still the same rizzaps
Chevrolets making big plays for the skrizzaps
In this bi**h lit like match
My homie got the pack
And I wanna say his name but I’m so not a rat
Can’t mention my ni**as in my lyrics cause they really dealing, and the feds really be hearing
Increasing the locked up rate
Police is on the internet downloadin mixtapes
Tryna get tips
Homie I’m tryna get rich
These is audio bricks
You gotta use your nose to sniff
Smellin like rain coming
Musical cocaine
Gotta pain numb it

Came thru like a tornado
Came thru like a hurricane
Came thru like a earthquake
Weatherman whatchu say
Looking like…said it’s looking like rain
Audio cocaine

(Verse 2)
Umbrella in the door jam
Got gadgets like Batman
Money on mind we don’t need cat scan
To figure out that, man
I came for the money
Put it right in front me
Dont try nutting funny
Crash test dummy
Or you’ll see
You dealing with more than me
But thats a whole nother story
Looks like its about to start storming
Weatherman whatchu say?

(Repeat Chorus)