MIGOS – MuhF**kn Tired Lyrics

Yeah, young rich ni**as
Back to back, two times

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
Hit a ni**a with the throwaway
Bi**h I came from another place
Unfortunately we couldn’t beat the case
F**k it we outta jail anyway
You want the Migo gang? You got to pay
Kicking in doors for the 10k, 14k, anything
Young ni**a cashing out for the change
I already dreamed that I had the fame
Red and white coupe like a candy cane
Pop a perc, it feel like Bruce Wayne
Chop a brick like I’m Tsung Shang
B*tch I’m dabbing in my own lane
Choke, slam a ni**a, Quavo Kane
I hate a ni**a tryna cook plain
Cause my money taller than a great dane
We gave the work, dab fever check
My receipt is thousand dollar sneakers
Stop and get a play from cheetah
Quavo Derek Jeter, keep a street sweeper
I’m a salt water alligator eater
I play with water, you can check the meter
Cook it bad, damn I toss the reefer
Migo gang, aka grim reapers

(Chorus – Quavo)
Try the squad, n**a shots fired
Thugger daughter motherf**king tired my niece
Baby bottles, ain’t no babies crying drank
Hit em if he cross the gun line
You holding yours? I’ma bust mine
He looking wrong, call it sus time
Free my ni**as, give em phone time
Skin a ni**a like a pork rind
We get to the money in short time
Watch us make it back 10 times
My wrist spinning, I’m so f**king tired
That my favorite line of motherf**king time
Chop a brick like a samurai
We the ni**as make the birds fly
Then I f**ked the bi**h five times
Then I took her out cause I’m f**king tired

(Verse 3 – Takeoff)
Just f**ked a model bi**h five times
I just ate a burger from Five Guys
I’m smoking on cookies from high time
You smoking with…outside
Migo gang, we have them mob ties
Put a f**k ni**a on Fox 5
Pretty little bi**h with her mouth wide
She see me pull up in that, frog eyes
Your bi**h is 30 on the beat
Keep a 30 by my side
My bi**hes on fleek, Louboutin they feet
Ain’t no question my ni**as gong ride
Ain’t talking bout Drexler
When they come to that dope, ni**a, I bet it’s gong Clyde
Ain’t talking bout Dexter
Cook in the laboratory, friends on my eyes
Remember my pockets win the
So every check gotta pay my tithes
Ni**a telling lies just to cut time
My ni**a your sin get televised
No matter how hard I try
When I put music out I’m still gon get criticized
Ni**a f**king round with squad
Think they wanna get decapitized

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Offset)
I’m tired, I’m tired
These ni**as flexing
They talk about diamonds, they do not VS inside em
I hit a lick, we divided it
Porsche with the gator inside of it
I’m three Percs and I’m out of it
She gonna s**k me up privately
I was young when the trap game adopted me
Grabbed the stick and shot his abdomen
Young ni**a I am an arson
I got the pump in the cut with the carbon
My wrist cost a motherf**king Rari
I am a boss, I pull strings like Atari
You out of season, you need Lawries
Pull up in Beamers but trap out a Taurus
Look at the brick on my wrist look like Mick
When I got famous I darkened my tint
She took a mile when I gave her an inch
Won’t sell my soul for some cash or a Bent
Hop in the plane and we land in Berlin
Christian Dior my bi**h and her friend
When I was in the pen
Praying to God that I don’t go again

(Repeat Chorus)