Migos – Hoe On A Mission Lyrics

(Chorus – Quavo)
I put my ho on a mission, I put my ho on a mission, ho on a mission
I put my ho on a mission, I put my ho on a mission, back in business
50 thousand on me, I got a thousand homies
When you throwing up your squad you better ride on it, yeah
Yeah we at the top like we just climbed some stairs
Yeah we on the block, tryna get out of here
The streets only gon love you if you keep it real
That just how a young rich ni**a feel

(Verse 1 – Quavo)
I know that a ni**a can’t stand it
I know that a ni**a can’t stand it
I know that a ni**a can’t stand it
Ay ay ay
Put a ho on a mission named Brandy
I feel like I’m balling with Kansas
And I bought her some hair called Remy
I’m liking my ho with extensions
I bought her Céline, she ain’t want it
She rather go get her some chonies
She don’t f**k with no bi**hes that’s phony
She rather walk around lonely
She telling her best friend, how I just piped her down
Now her and her best friend, we having a threesome now
She was with me when I had all these pounds
She was with me when I kicked all these doors
She was with me when I was on the north
She was with me when I was on the north
She ready go out and rob for me
She ready go take a charge for me
Put her on missions across the country
2016’s Clyde and Bonnie

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Offset)
I put my ho on a mission, she got to play her position
I got a thousand ni**as, stay with some ammunition
They got revolvers on em, they got some rifles on em
They do anything for them chonies, and I’ma put prices on you
I got some racks in my sofa, I put the codeine in my soda
Pulling her hair while I f**k her and choke her
Hit her one time, girl you know that s**t over
Kicking Activ, me and Takeoff gon toast it
Ain’t got no time for no playing no joking
I’m tryna get money, I gotta stay focused
Putting these plays in motion
Put me in the game and I’m gonna score
Gotta get money, more money, more more
Ain’t got no time to be chasing no whore
They come and they go and I can’t put em on
All of my ni**as directing my army
I put em on missions, go pick up your gun
Ain’t got no job but they still getting paid
Them boys they gon play with that d**k on AK

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – Takeoff)
My ni**as been keeping it real
Ni**a been having dab, that’s before the deal
Takeoff, I been worth an M&M
My mansion look like a galeria
Sh*tting on ni**as, got diarrhea
Little bitty bi**h with a large rear
Went and signed cause my dogs here
Not from the north, you don’t belong here
It’s only one god I can fear
Wake up and I look in the mirror
Went and paid ten a piece just for my ear
Living a dream, Yung Rich Nation the gear
All of my ni**as been here from the start
When I thought that nobody would never be here
Ain’t talking bout Visine, I see this s**t clear
Grandma ain’t here so I shedded some tears
Bi**hes tryna get up on ya for a mil
Got your own partners tryna kill
Tryna steal, ni**a is you for real?
F**k around and get your cap pealed
Some of my ni**as in the bando still
Making money off of vacuum seals
I take your main bi**h, make a film
When I get through, I’ma pop a seal

(Repeat Chorus)

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