R. Kelly Talks Being Abused As A Child, Aaliyah, His Career and More

R. Kelly is finally opening up about his troubled past. Just last month the R&B singer walked out of an interview after being bombarded by questions about his controversial image.

For years the R&B singer has evaded questions about his child porn case from seven years ago, as well as, marrying Aaliyah while she was just 16.

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The 49-year-old music icon sat down with GQ for a candid interview “The Confessions of R. Kelly” where he discussed his childhood abuse, sexual allegations with minors and even sleeping in his bedroom closet.

“At first, I couldn’t judge it,” Kelly says about being abuse as a child. “I remember it feeling weird. I remember feeling ashamed. I remember closing my eyes or keeping my hands over my eyes. I remember those things, but couldn’t judge it one way or the other fully.”

On his relationship with the late singer Aaliyah, Kelly says that she was his best friend.

“Uh, I would describe it as best friends,” she said. “Deep friends. As far as we both loved music and wanted to be successful. She’s a Capricorn, I’m a Capricorn, my momma a Capricorn, her daddy’s a Capricorn, you know. It was just so much in common with each other.”

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Kelly didn’t confirm on whether or not he was married to Aaliyah saying that out of respect for her death he won’t discussed it.

“Well, because of Aaliyah’s passing, as I’ve always said, out of respect for her mother who’s sick and her father who’s passed, I will never have that conversation with anyone,” he said.”

R. Kelly has even weighed in on the Bill Cosby controversy saying, “when I look on TV and I see the 70-, 80-, 90-year-old ladies talking about what happened when they were 17, 18, or 19, there’s something strange about it. That’s my opinion. It’s just strange.”

Get the rest of the interview at GQ here.