Sizzla – Mek Sure Lyrics

Gangster wi squelch and go kill you in a yo bed
Meck sure you know dawg
Meck sure you know
That gangster wi turn up the whole place red
Meck sure you know dawg, meck sure you know

(Verse 1)
Wi nuh fear none a dem weh a talk suh come again
This a serious thing wi nuh laugh wid none a dem
When gangsters a pass lock off
Nuh bother meck mi pop off and kill off the whole a dem

Everything get crush out, easily flush out
Who nuh dead dem haffi disappear when mi touch out
Live in the bushes am grimy like that
You can find me like that am just
Strap lock back and attack
Got this rifle drop pon dem premises
Drunken punk cyaa drain our energies
Don’t got no brain they are a bunch of menecies

(Verse 2)
The whole army corel the whole place
Mi know weh dem live
Mi know the whole a dem faces
A hide dem a hide, tell dem go hold dem space
Suh mi likkle dog go boobie trap dem place
Everything goes up in flames
Dem think dem have it but dem don’t know the game
Middle a the day mi pop up pon dem lane
And weh mi do mi left supn in a dem brain
All the same

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Gun sound alone meck dem lost dem memory
Gunshot a tear off dem face like a embry
Wa dem a try chat bout a threat dem a send mi
Seh gunshot go kill dem punk wi nuh friendly
Dem lifestyle lue and really corrupt
Bwoy mi wi meck the ants get you fi supper
Bwoy face chopped up wid dem yah wall cutter
Turn dem in a strainer and dash dem in a gutter

(Repeat Chorus)